Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Enterprise Application Architecture: Designing Applications and Services in .Net - Part I

A guided tour of the distributed enterprise application design in .Net


This article is an attempt to show how to implement distributed application in .Net framework from the scratch. Indeed I can share my experience which I hope will be useful for architects (Obviously beginners in architecture design) or a lead developer wants to become an architect to start with. The application will contain simple web client CustomerOrderManagement System with our own distributed application platform.

The application will cover the following parts,

  • Part 1 (Distributed Application Layers with project details): Learn about what is layered design in distributed environment and how we are going to name it while implementing the actual app.
  • Part 2 (Database and Library Design): Learn about database design and implementing library which interacts with Edmx container.
  • Part 3 (Engine and Service Managers design): Learn how to implement the engine which has core business logic and implementing the actual WCF service with service contracts. And also how to test the service using test client.
  • Part 4 (Client implementation): Learn how to implement the actual client with MVVM pattern which invokes services.

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